Hartnell Governor

Which of the following statement is TRUE
In a spring-controlled governor, the curve of controlling force is a straight line. When balls are 35cm apart the controlling force is 1100N and when 20cm apart it is 550N. To make the governor isochronous, the required initial tension on the spring would be _____ N.
The total sleeve movement in a Hartnell governor is 3cm. The mass of rotating balls is 1.5kg each. At the mid position of the sleeve arm, which is 6.5cm long, is horizontal. The ball arm has a length of 7.5cm. At the mid position of the sleeve, the ball rotates at a radius of 10.5cm. Due to the maladjustment of spring, the equilibrium speed of governor at top position is 415rpm and in the lowest position, it is 430rpm. The stiffness of the spring will be __________
The sensitiveness of a Governor is
Where N1=Minimum equilibrium speed
N2=Maximum equilibrium speed
N=Mean speed